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Our church philosophy is as follows: 1) God saves those who will believe in God the Son, Who is the LORD Jesus Christ. 2) Those who have believed need to live for Him by being baptized, joining a local church, and working toward personal holiness and humble service in fulfilling the Great Commission.

This philosophy is based upon the new birth of the unbeliever through the Divine operation of the Holy Spirit, which is, in turn, based upon the infallible Word of God. Regarding the Word of God, we trust that God’s promises of miraculous preservation have provided His Word to every generation throughout history, and that in this generation, in the English language, He has given us our own personal copy of the Scriptures in the King James Version.

We summarize our philosophy with the following three words: “Surrender, Service, and Sacrifice.” We “surrender” our will to Him that loves us, “Serve” Him Who deserves our all, and “Sacrifice” for the One Who sacrificed Himself for us on the Cross of Calvary.

This is the philosophy of the Pioneer Baptist Church.

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