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Good Morning Pioneer Baptist!

It’s John 3:16

Probably the verse I’ve quoted most often is the well-known John 3:16, and probably what people remember most about me quoting it is that list of superlatives that I add in. It goes like this, For God (The Greatest Lover), So loved (The Greatest Degree), The World (The Greatest Company), That He Gave (The Greatest Act), His Only Begotten Son (The Greatest Gift), That Whosoever (The Greatest Opportunity), Believeth (The Greatest Simplicity), In Him (The Greatest Attraction), Should Not Perish (The Greatest Promise), But (The Greatest Difference), Have (The Greatest Certainty), Everlasting Life (The Greatest Possession).

It’s a wonderful verse in a Book full of them, and among the great truths set forth in it is the concept of God’s love for that “greatest company,” the world. The Bible tells us that God is not willing that “any” should perish (2Pe 3:9) and that He would have all men to be saved and to come unto the knowledge of the truth. (1Ti 2:4)

I’m a conservative minded American Bible Believing Christian man. I hate many of the things people are doing today in our country, I am generally a “law & order” man, I don’t believe in what I called yesterday the “lawless hordes” taking over any part or portion of our great country, I don’t practice flag burning or kneeling when the National Anthem is being played or sung, and I don’t depend on the majority opinion for any of those beliefs. I understand that human beings make up our police forces and that they can occasionally commit sinful acts, but I support both the concept and the men and women who form that Blue Line in our great nation. My gut reaction is a positive one when I read that NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Kyle Weatherman drove a pro-police scheme car with a large "Back The Blue" hashtag during Saturday's Dixie Vodka 25 (although I can do without the vodka, Dixie or otherwise). And admittedly I have the opposite gut reaction when I see our sports heroes

making their own anthem statements.

Whew! I’m glad I said all of that!

Now, about God “so loving” this whole wide wide world and all of the people in it. I wasn’t always a Christian, and I thank God that He was longsuffering with me. I deserved Hell (some people still think I do, and whether they’re right or wrong, God has forgiven me). I have been blessed with the matchless grace of God! Romans 15:7 says this: “Wherefore receive ye one another, as Christ also received us to the glory of God.” I am to receive others as Christ received me. Now, Christians, as the Bible states, as I continually preach, and as Jesus said, no one will be received into the Father’s House except they come by way of the Cross. People need to be saved in Jesus Christ in order to be eternally received, but that does not excuse me from praying for those with whom I so vehemently disagree. I need to remember that Christ died for those who are now rejecting Him, and He loves them. Luke 19:10 sets it straight: “For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.”

In my rantings and ravings, in my expressions and depressions, in my indignations and insinuations, I must always remember that Jesus wants me to be a good witness for Him! Support the right, voice the wrong, love and respect our peace officers, but never forget that “what the world needs now is love, sweet love” and the love they need to recognize and receive is that sweet and sweetest love of Jesus, and they need to see that “John 3:16 love” in me! I know Satan has most of the world buffaloed (nothing against buffaloes.)

Pray, with love !!!

Love and Prayers to all,


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