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Good Morning Pioneer Baptist!

So, yesterday after teaching my 3 hour class at Pacific Baptist College, I returned home a little after noon, had a bite to eat, & at the appropriate time headed into the office. On the way, being the enterprising young man that I am, I decided to get my 5 gallon water bottles filled. Leaving them in the truck during Wednesday Night Service, I found that after church I was a bit too weary (The enterprising young man having turned into a lazy old man) to carry them into the house, so I left 4 of the bottles in the back seat, thinking that I would have more strength and energy in the morning. The morning did arrive, and I went out to retrieve the bottles, but I found that I had forgotten to fill one of the bottles. There was no water in it!

Or did I? Don’t tell me that the bottle leaked!!! Yes, my floor mats told me that very thing. Ugh! The Dodge Ram now sits in front of my office, windows down and mats strewn around the parking lot, along with my truck manual (which will never be the same).

Another Pleasant day in Paradise!

Sergeant Byron will be here in a few minutes for Bible study, G.I. Joe coming by sometime to research Abraham Lincoln, Volleyball practice at 2:30, meeting with Pastor Hansen at 6:30, & working on sermons in between.

Love & blessings to one & all.

Phi 1:3!


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I forgot to make my post "bold" thereby easier to read. Sorry for that oversight. That’s what I’ll do moving forward!


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