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Good Morning Pioneer Baptist!

Just sitting here in my office, trying to get it warmed up to a comfortable level. Praying your day is going well!

Boys and Girls volleyball is on the docket up at Lavern beginning at 1:00 p.m., so I’m hustling here on sermon prep, as Saturday will have its own busy schedule.

Ruth is recovering, but COVID can take a lot out of a person, so please remember her in prayer. I don’t have any updates on our recent matters of prayer, so just keep the prayers coming. I will pass along updates as I have them.

One of your ministries is helping the Spanish Church (“Send the Light Baptist Church” is how it translates I believe) led by Pastor Hurtado, which is temporarily using our “Fellowship Hall” and a few of our classrooms in what we commonly call “The Old Building.” I’m very pleased to be able to do this, for, as Jack Baskin has said, “the mission field has come to us.”

This church found themselves without a meeting place, is looking to purchase a church property, but in the meantime, “Send The Light” needed “somewhere to light” and we (and they) are very happy to be working together in fulfilling God’s Great Commission. Again, your faithfulness and stewardship is working here and around the world, so every now and then you ought to reflect on what great good your service to Christ is accomplishing! Thank you so much!!

Philippians 1:3!

Love you all,


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I forgot to make my post "bold" thereby easier to read. Sorry for that oversight. That’s what I’ll do moving forward!


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