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Good Morning Pioneer Baptist!

Who can name the “experts”?

We’re still in the throes of the Coviv-19, and with lives on the line, it is serious stuff. Everything looks good for President Trump right now, but it didn’t work out that way for the Honorable Herman Cain. Life is serious stuff.

I’ve heard lawyers speak of “expert witnesses.” It seems that each opposing side has his experts, all properly credentialed, but holding completely conflicting viewpoints. We have politicians executing closures for the safety of the people, including closing schools where children, statistically, are not in danger, while insisting (admittedly, it was in the early stages) that nursing facilities accept Covid patients into their residences, where virtually everyone was in danger, and the obituaries back that up without debate. And the Governors have been able to pronounce themselves experts, or at least have been able to pronounce themselves experts at identifying the experts.

You’ve heard it all already: staging violent and destructive protests is acceptable because of collective grievances, but gathering together to cry out to God in our churches and synagogues results in “cease and desist” orders and fines, not to mention the scorn of the self-proclaimed experts. Thankfully, some court decisions have properly identified these pompous and usurping governors as people who are “non-experts” on our United States Constitution and our guaranteed individual rights. We still have them!

And what expert is more needed right now than the only “Expert” on eternal life? Yes, we all agree that life is serious stuff, and that people are dying, therefore I want to hear, not just from the renowned epidemiologists, but also from the renowned LORD Jesus Christ. Let’s exercise good judgment within the boundaries of safe medical practices, but let’s demand that governors and other officials respect our God-given and Constitutional rights to actually exercise that good judgment.

If looting stores is to be tolerated, surely loving God should be. If burning cities is to be in any way excused, surely bowing down before the LORD should be. If neglecting social distancing while boisterously proclaiming that black lives matter is legal, then surely, properly preaching the Gospel while observing social distancing should be.

It’s pretty basic, and I believe I can name every right- minded American an expert on this, and I believe that millions of other Americans agree with me! How about you? When it comes to American individuals practicing our freedom of worship, we are the experts!

Love to all,



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