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Good Morning Pioneer Baptist!

I’m a Trump guy!

We witnessed the final debate (or should I say “the second debate”) last night, and now the debates are over. The Trump guys and gals say Trump slaughtered Joe, while the Biden guys and girls are saying it was a draw, and that the tie always goes to the runner, who, in this case would be Joe as he is ahead in the pols (much like Hillary was four years ago.) Nothing new there really, as people are usually quite staunch in their party affiliations and loyalties.

For the Trump guys, it was a ten round knockout, with Joe looking tired and frail, and with Trump asserting that Joe & Barak were actually the ones who built the infamous cages for the children on the southern border (the oft shown picture of kids in cages is a 2014 photo taken under the Barak & Biden administration). Then, there was “the blockbuster” when the President asked Biden if he would close down the oil industry, and the former vice president responded: “I would transition from the oil industry, yes.” He added hastily that the oil industry “pollutes significantly” and said that Trump had taken his answer out of context. (The Demos are in full damage control over that one today and even last night, saying that this was a long-term process and that no one would lose their job, but that this would be a slow transition.) Nevertheless this remains the biggest gaffe or misspeak in presidential debate history, making Gerald Ford’s “Poland Comment” seem like kindergarten play. There were character assaults and counter-character return assaults aplenty, with Biden pointing out that it was all Trump’s fault that thousands have died over the China Virus and Trump saying that we have to “live with it” to which Biden responded that Americans “are learning to die from it.” and that we are facing a “dark winter.”

The bottom line is that Americans this election are faced with very clear and well defined choices, ranging from a “pro choice for the woman/no choice for the baby” to defunding police departments, to whether or not to allow lawlessness on our city streets, to gun rights, to whether to raise taxes or not, and what on earth to do with the “green new deal” and other fracking problems. Who is going to make those decisions?

I can tell you who is supposed to make those decisions! The voters! Who are the voters? They are the people who actually cast their ballots! America being a democratic republic, we the citizens have a responsibility to vote. Irish statesman and philosopher Edmund Burke (1729–1797) made this critical and insightful statement: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” If we don’t vote, we have no right to complain. It’s time to “show up or shut up.” Let the better American leader win, let the people express their preference at the polls, and then live with results. Let’s not cry in our Pepsi if our man doesn’t win, and let’s forget about trying to overturn the will of the people via deep-state rebellion and phony politically motivated impeachments. Let’s not accuse our elected officials of being immature while we’re acting like sore losers and spoiled brats.

I’ll tell you what I’ll call Joe Biden if he wins; - I’ll call him “Mr. President.” But first, I promise to cast my vote! Please do the same, and then respectfully proceed from there!

Love to all,


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