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Good Morning Pioneer Baptist!

What is America?

Tomorrow is Election Day, although now there are numerous election days, and millions have already voted. It is an American election, it is a national election, and this one is a Presidential election. It’s big stuff!

I could have said “who is America” instead of “what is America” because America is people, and the citizens of America define “what” America is, and when we vote we express that. This vote features Sleepy Joe versus Boorish Trump, with the passions running higher than one of Trump’s Towers, and weightier than the $1 billion withheld from Ukraine. (Only for 6 hours- Son of a Biscuit!)

Let’s keep this shorter, sweeter, and simpler than the rhetoric we’ve been hearing in the final run-up to Tuesday. Each of us is defining America with his vote. Let’s take the test.

1. Abortion on demand up to the moment of birth?

2. Supporting Israel?

3. Energy independence from the mid-eastern countries?

4. Tariffs to protect American jobs?

5. Supporting our law enforcement agencies?

6. Sanctuary Cities?

7. Raising taxes?

8. Protecting our borders?

9. American citizenship observed?

10. Respect for the Flag and the National Anthem?

How do you define America? I know how I do!

Love to all,


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