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Good Morning Pioneer Baptist!

If it wasn’t interesting already, it’s going to be.

At least on the surface, voters have chosen Joe Biden over Donald Trump. The Republicans are claiming “foul” over suspended voting, election poll watchers being thrown out of voting places, and non-residents (dead or alive) voting in Nevada, not to mention Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro coming under fire for saying "If all the votes are added up in PA, Trump is going to lose." (Did this non-partial official know something we didn’t?) And obviously, most of the super-smart pollsters were dead wrong as the sought for “Blue Wave” turned out to be more sprinkle than tsunami, and in fact, in the House of Representatives, the tide actually was going out! Adding further to The Trumpsters’ Tirade is twitter suppression, Facebook Follies, and ballots being mailed out by the millions to people who never requested them, many of whom had either passed on or passed out, leaving their ballots to be harvested by whoever was the most ingenious entrepreneur. Then, when the President went on TV to express his opinion, the talking heads who were so outraged at his interrupting Old Joe during the first debate, committed even bigger sins against the President. So much for Free Speech! (All of this is the Republican “take,” while The Democrats obviously see a different picture. We’re now waiting for the Polaroid to focus.)

This much seems quite clear – It was a very close election, and we are living in a country sporting a close to a 50-50 split right down the middle (or maybe right down the respective coastlines). Apparently over 73 million people didn’t care (or didn’t understand) my recent list posted here as follows:

1. Abortion on demand up to the moment of birth? 2. Supporting Israel? 3. Energy independence from the mid-eastern countries? 4. Tariffs to protect American jobs? 5. Supporting our law enforcement agencies? 6. Sanctuary Cities? 7. Raising taxes? 8. Protecting our borders? 9. American citizenship observed? 10. Respect for the Flag and the National Anthem?

And while the hated and despised Orange Man is sticking to his guns, you’d better hold tightly on to yours if there does come a Biden/Harris/Beto O'Rourke administration “Hell, yes, we're going to take your AR-15, your AK-47." With police defunded and defanged, and BLM marching down your street to forcibly strip you of your civil rights, you’re going to have it tough defending your property with a pea shooter. (Anybody ever see the old movie, Dr. Zhivago?) If any of this should happen to depress my readers, just remember that the Tribulation will be far worse, and we won’t be here. We’ll be raptured out or moved out to be in our mansion! Praise the LORD!

Love to all,


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