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Good Morning Pioneer Baptist!

And now, the rallying call from the Morally Upright is “unity.” And isn’t it terrible that Mr. Trump isn’t playing nicely with others?

As a man who thinks President Trump did a great job leading our great country (trade deals, immigration policies, energy independence, bringing our sons & daughters home from war, defeating Isis, straightening out NATO, not sending $$$ to Iran, Pro Life position, economic advancement of minorities, reduced taxation, supporting Historically Black Colleges and Universities, bringing peace treaties to the Mid-East, and operation Warp Speed which has now put us on the doorstep of a vaccine for the dreaded virus) I don’t know why anyone in the normal American category would not have voted our President back to the White House for four more years.

But as it stands now, they did not! Nothing is official as of yet, but the Media has pronounced Joe Biden the winner (as if they have that authority) and Mr. Biden has opened the “Office of the President Elect.” Nice. So yes, I am disappointed. I do not know how many dead people voted, how many ballots were fraudulently harvested, or how many were counted after the election was over. I do not know those things, but I do know that the Morally Upright is very upset that Mr. Trump is not playing nicely with others, and they are very disappointed in his behavior.

After all, Mr. Trump is hindering the “transition” at a critical time, and is hurting our international image, according to the Morally Upright. But the Morally Upright is apparently suffering from mighty severe cognitive issues, as they seem to have forgotten bugging Mr. Trump’s phone lines during transition, and a couple of impeachment fiascos based on false information which even boasted code names from our finest law enforcement institutions. What did those do to our image abroad? And what about portraying a severed head of President Trump? Was that playing nicely? Or their former darling, Mrs. Clinton, still recently telling one-and-all that the 2016 election was stolen from her, and that Joe Biden should never concede should things go against him in 2020? What about Al Gore waging a 36-day legal battle in 2000, not conceding defeat until December thirteenth? A few days ago, the Democrats were shouting about “all votes being counted” but now they want no examination regarding what votes were counted, despite affidavits from poll workers and other officials alleging fraudulent practices.

It’s the world, brethren, and it’s a mess. I don’t like the supposed results of this election, and I really don’t like the obvious hypocrisy of the Morally Upright! I worry about America in these last days of the Laodecian Church Age, as we speed toward a one-world-government (globalism), and I worry about the America that our children may be growing up in.

But one thing I’m not worried about is our eternal future, which is 100% positive, with perfect unity and no need of any vaccine. Every believer will have full citizenship rights, and it will all be under the Divine leadership of our Holy Triune God. And by the way, our God is the personification & practice of the true definition of Morally Upright.” Praise the LORD, and I’ll see you in Church!

Love to all,


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