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Good Morning Pioneer Baptist!

A Thanksgiving Hangover?

During the ‘Bama game on Saturday, I heard one of the commentators speak of something called a “Thanksgiving Hangover.” (yes, there was another team playing, but why would that matter? It’s still ‘the ‘Bama Game’ to folks like myself, Karla, Jerry IV, and others across the country who might at least lean indirectly toward Tuscaloosa as they see their own team’s fortunes darken like the sun at 6 PM Standard Time.)

But what in the world of Plymouth Rock would a Thanksgiving Hangover be? Of course it could be a matter of a little booze-banter (Thank God, half-decent Christians don’t have to worry about that kind of hangover any more) but I’m guessing that was not the case from the commentator. I believe he was speaking of Thanksgiving eating, falling asleep in your easy chair as you watch that football game that nothing could ever make you miss, then waking up to a second helping just for good measure and another dose of pumpkin pie (I prefer mincemeat) then to slowly rise up the next morning with a “Thanksgiving Hangover.” OK!

Back to Christians! I’m hoping you didn’t feel overfed with Thanksgiving rhetoric pronounced from your pulpit on Sunday (whether in person or live-streamed) then to awake with a Christian Thanksgiving Hangover. Is it possible to overfeed on Thanking God? Is thanking God a once-a-year festive remembrance that goes up the chimney in smoke like “you-know-who-a-Claus”? Well, it isn't, and if it did, it shouldn’t have! We have so much to be Thankful to God for! And yes, if that’s all I ever preached, you might long for a little variety on your Sunday Sermon Plate, but “thanks to God” must always garnish our Sunday Servings! Every Christian is saved, guaranteed a mansion in Heaven, and has the one-and-only peace that passes all understanding taking him through the absolute toughest of times! We once were lost but now are found, and being adopted into the family of God by His Sovereign Grace, we ought to be “brimming” with Thanksgiving (I almost said “bursting out” but thought better of it). Again, I know you get the point.

No, Christians don’t have any “hangover.” We go to sleep every night with thanks to God, and since his compassions are new every morning and fail not (Lamentations 3:22-23) that’s what we wake up to! Keep on feeding on Thanks to God! You’ll be fine!

Love to all,


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