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Good Morning Pioneer Baptist!

Wolfman Jerry and Radio Free America!

Things seem to be getting crazy here in the good Ole USA! President Trump (Yes, he’s still the President until tomorrow shortly after noon Eastern Time) has been taken off Twitter because he is so dangerous, surpassing even the danger index of the Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran, who can still twitter happily away. Katie Couric on the Bill Maher show put forth this

“… And the question is how are we going to really almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump." And the lead attorney for Public Broadcasting Service (Michael Beller) expressed support for re-education camps for the children of President Donald Trump's supporters and likened the president to Adolf Hitler. (Mr. Beller has since resigned his position). And we (conservatives and others) are not to even question why election irregularities may have occurred, as that violates the Big Tech’s standards of “truth and safety.”

A conservative Catholic site (“ChurchMilitant”) has been warning the world about his kind of thing, saying that “Big Tech has already censored the president. Then they started limiting and deplatforming other conservative groups. Then, as you know, the hosts for Parler just dropped them because of the mass migration of faithful Catholics and political conservatives to the site. This steamrolling of conservatives on the internet is not going to stop. It's going to increase. The underlying problem is pretty simple. In short, if any solid, Catholic, politically conservative group does not have a superb, robust, knock-'em-dead website with massive capability for video, streaming, publishing, emails, push notifications, payment processing and so forth, they aren't going to survive. Giant tech will see to that.” Ocasio-Cortez said during a lengthy live stream on Instagram on Tuesday night, “I do think that several members of Congress, in some of my discussions, have brought up media literacy because that is a part of what happened here (the attack of the Capitol) and we’re going to have to figure out how we rein in our media environment so that you can’t just spew disinformation and misinformation." (I wonder which media outlets she might be referring to? Can we say Newsmax, Fox, Patriot Radio?)

We can’t help but put all of this together and see censorship in the Orwellian definition, including the Cancel Culture, where it looks like they are attempting to make Donald Trump “the unperson.” When Nikita Khrushchev was removed from power and specifically housed, his security guards kept track of all guests and reported their comings and goings. Wikipedia states that “Khrushchev was made a non-person to such an extent that the thirty-volume Great Soviet Encyclopedia omitted his name from the list of prominent political commissars during the Great Patriotic War. At his death, he was denied a state funeral with interment in the Kremlin Wall and was instead buried in the Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow. Fearing demonstrations, the authorities did not announce Khrushchev's death until the hour of his wake and surrounded the cemetery with troops.” Deplatforming, re-education camps, taking children from their parents, truth commissions, censorship, media control, and non-persons. Do all of these things sound “un-American?

And what about my “Wolfman Jerry and Radio Free America” intro? What’s that all about? Well, Radio Free Europe was radio broadcast across the iron curtain when free information there was banned by the government. Are we going to need a Radio Free America broadcast from across a political border as the famous disc jockey, The Wolfman, once did? How long before is deplatformed? In the meantime…..“God bless you. Keep preaching Christ.”

This is Wolfman Jerry, signing off “owooooo.”

Love to all,


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