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Good Morning Pioneer Baptist!

“What a Friend we had in Jesus.”

They call it “The Ultimate Sacrifice!” And this is what my brand new friend, The Urban Dictionary, says about it “To give everything you have to save someone or something that you hold most dear. Requires that you give yourself, in order to provide them sanctuary.” I dare say that The Hallmark Factor is one hundred percent in play right now for everyone reading this blog. What’s the Hallmark Factor, you ask? According to the Jerry Mitchell Dictionary, it is “that from about two minutes into the Hallmark movie you know where the story is going to end up.” That’s The Hallmark Factor, and it’s also where Christians are after seeing me mention “The Ultimate Sacrifice.”

Jesus defined it while He walked this earth, saying, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13 KJV). Jesus said it, and in saying so He defined it, then He lived it and He died it. It’s called The Ultimate Sacrifice. Many times when one of our many heroic military men (or woman in one case) lay down their lives for county and company, they are awarded our nation’s highest award for acts of valor, the Medal of Honor! We honor that and those. We call them our friends.

It’s done out of love, it’s accomplished by giving everything you’ve got to give, and its intention is to provide sanctuary. In the military that sanctuary is protection from the enemy and from death. With Jesus it is protection from our own sin and the machinations of Satan, giving us sanctuary from the Lake of Fire and sanctuary in the Father’s House. Jesus’ act of valor made the ultimate difference for us, not only in this life, but particularly in Heaven. What a Friend we had in Jesus! Can you imagine that some thought Jesus to not be a friend while He was here on earth, and can you imagine further that some today don’t seem to realize what a friend He still is? We can say Jesus jumped on a grenade for us, but even more, Jesus’ jump saved us, not just in that one heat-of-the-battle-moment, but for all eternity! It’s amazing! He really was our friend!!

We owe every day we live to our Friend who made the ultimate sacrifice. Every day we live we must be thankful to our Friend. Let’s rehearse as often as able the heroic valor spurred on by the love of our Saviour the LORD Jesus Christ. After all “the ultimate” (again by definition) is the highest. There’s absolutely nothing beyond the ultimate! There’s nothing to add to it, and Jesus, Who is our Ultimate, made the sacrifice which will forever remain the ultimate! He’s our Ultimate Friend! He gave His life for us.

What a Friend we have in Jesus!

Love to all,


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