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Good Morning Pioneer Baptist!

I believe my last blog here was on May 18th, just 3 days before Karla’s surgery to remove all of the hardware of her deep brain surgery. Things got pretty tough after that, with extremely difficult days as she fought to regain her strength and movement. Karla currently takes 46 pills a day in her fight against Parkinson’s Disease, but she is doing well and seems a little better every day! Thank you for your prayers.

I have been reflecting on this blog, trying to determine how often and what subjects. It’s an ongoing debate within my mind. Doctor Ruckman had a part of his “Bible Believers’ Bulletin” which he entitled “Strictly Personal” and I’m considering making this a personal update on Pioneer Baptist and members. For instance, things are going very well at Pioneer, but the body of Christ undergoes constant changes, some of which bring mixed emotions. The Santiago family is in transition to Iowa, and they will be greatly missed. Better job opportunities are behind this move, and we all need a good job with income to support our families. We are extremely happy for this great family, but will miss them tremendously. The same will probably have to be said for Troy & Evalyn Crooks, who are looking at a move back to Vegas. Other changes may be in the wind, and we simply look to the LORD as we move forward for Him.

There are those enduring grief over the loss of a loved one, those who like Brother Larry Soliz are recovering from surgery, and it was great to see Richard & Rita Elizarraras back in services last Sunday! Vacation Bible School is now scheduled for August 9-13 (6:30-8:00 pm) with Pastor Enoch and his helpers already working hard to set the scene for Big Fish Bay! It will be a great time of outreach, teaching, and fellowship. We need all hands on deck as we cast our nets for a multitude!

Meanwhile, it looks like Sergeant Byron Cweirz will be competing for the Sheriff’s baseball team, Buzz & Melissa’s house expansion is moving along nicely, Ben & Dawnel are traveling with, in, on, and ahead of their 5th wheel, and Eggy is getting ready for a Big Birthday Celebration! (Benny Boy’s birthday will be celebrated “in absentia.”) We thank God that Adrienne Marvin is doing well in her recovery from cancer surgery and chemotherapy, and that they expect to be back on the road again very soon. Karla and I were happy to spend a little time with Mike & Julie Galaway, who are doing very well and send their love to the entire Pioneer family. No doubt I’m leaving a lot out, as I have simply started “pecking away” without notes or a lot of thought. We send our love out far and wide to all who are reading this blog, and pray for all the best. For a more complete list of prayer requests for the extended Pioneer family, tune in for our live stream on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm Pacific!

"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you," Philippians 1:3 (KJV)

Love to all,


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