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Good morning Pioneer Baptist!

Editorialist Chuck Lehmann wrote nearly a year ago that those who say of police officers “They Knew The Risk When They Took The Job” simply show how out of touch these radicals are with reality. He follows that up with the corollary that “Criminals also know the risk when they commit the crime.” With the foolish defunding of police forces across the country, even the liberal mayors are starting to see (at least according to Judge Jeanine Pirro) that it doesn’t work well, as crime is alarmingly on the rise, and these same “Defunders” are now turning back to our men and women in Blue. Of course, those in power positions were never really against a strong police presence, as while they reduced their numbers on the street, they made sure to maintain their own personal armed detachments. Naturally.

Yesterday, while purchasing prescriptions at Rite Aid in La Mirada, the conversation turned to pilferers pillaging pharmacies, filling garbage bags or their pockets and walking without paying. It’s “dine & dash” taken to a whole new level of sin. I understand that some of our larger hardware stores have watched as thugs pick up expensive tools and walk. The pharmacist told us that one of their employees of another store had chased down such punks (contrary to company policy) and had been shot and killed by the sinful thiefs. The Ten Commandments still say “Thou shalt not steal” and “Thou shalt not kill.” The story from a news article gives the particulars. The incident occurred July 15 (2021) at the Rite Aid store along the 4000 block of Eagle Rock Boulevard in Glassell Park. Employee Miguel Penaloza confronted two men who tried to leave the store with two cases of beer they didn’t pay for, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. After a brief struggle, one of the thieves shot and killed Penaloza. One of the men has been arrested and is being held on a bail of above two million, and we can hope that he (if guilty) is not soon released back on the street.

Law abiding citizens want a strong police force and laws enforced. Where our political leaders were when the punks (Antifa and BLM) were burning our cities, looting our stores, and even taking down police stations, is too easily ascertained. They were busy handcuffing our men and women in blue. Those who rioted at our Capitol on January 6th must be held accountable, but why aren’t we prosecuting those who did worse all summer long, and were simply patted on their collective behinds? How much does a burned out and smashed police cruiser cost, and what about those hundreds of law enforcement officers who were seriously injured, and some even killed? Most of America is sick of this!

We didn’t see Antifa or BLM running toward the Trade Towers on 9-11. No, that would have been our public servants! And the same selfless service continues every minute of every day in America, despite all the denunciations from the Left. Sure, hold all accountable, charge all wrong-doers, but highly esteem those who put their lives on the line every day for our safety and protection. And Border Patrol Agents are cops too! While President Biden, Fauci, Psaki, et. al., push for masking, vaccinating, and closing, they at once allow thousands across our borders with no testing, and then ship them hither, thither, and yon throughout America without concern. These leaders are not that collectively stupid (President Biden excluded, who may not have a good understanding at this point of his life) and they must have an agenda going that explains such lunacy. Citing “Science” while withholding scientific data to support the supposed science, they bristle at legitimate questions and shut down the Right with catchwords such as “misinformation” and “disinformation.” Questions on Wuhan? "Uh uh! That’s disinformation and cannot be allowed in the public forum!” Sneers and smears are the answers generally given to those reporters asking questions that the majority of Americans would love to have answered.

Cops not robbers are what America wants! Direct answers not diversions are what America wants. And Capitalism not Marxism is what America wants. We see clearly the risk confronting our Republic, but evidently (at least according to official vote counts) most Americans didn’t see the unbelievable risk they were taking when they gave this administration the job of running our Country! How about the Biden administration and the United States Congress getting back to representing the American People, and make the science of common sense their mantra!!

America might not have known the risk 269 days ago, but we sure know it now!

Love to all,


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Aug 19, 2021

Very well written and exactly how most of us hanging from the conservative branch feel about the current state of affairs.

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