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Good Morning Pioneer Baptist

For a bunch of reasons, I have not posted here for a great while. I guess I've wanted to spend what little creativity I have on sermons rather than posting here. I do think I could simply post little things more regularly, such as my daily schedule, prayer requests, and the like.

Today, I am in the office reading & studying, then around noonish I intend to pick up my friend that I help out with his life's issues, Dwyane Glasson, who resides at Lakewood Health Center in Downey.

Then, to maintain my testimony, I'd better get home and get my lawn mowed, my hair cut, & pick up some meds at Rite aid for Karla!!

Please, time permitting for you, remember Rod Smith, Dr.Sloan, Micah, & Guy Lachance in prayer for medical needs. It was great to see visitors in church yesterday, to hear a wonderful sermon from evangelist Joe Doyel who we love & respect, & to have Ruth back in services as she fights through COVID. Charlene was also able to be there (good thing) as well as my friend Lupe, who apparently is not mad at me for thinking Lupe is a girls' name! (He's a happy kind of guy, and I'm thrilled that he's there, along with others ... Miles, Hector, Kris). --- Always dangerous to include names, because I'm sure to leave someone out who I should not have! Please forgive me!

Our "kids" (under K's direction) did wonderfully in the A.M. service, as did that "young ladies' (they're not kids anymore) quartet. Same for Andrew in the everning, who is starting to sound like a pro. Thanks to our "17 year old" who keeps the live streams going from the crow's nest, & the Grandkid who runs the sound up there (always maintaining appropriate spacing because of COVID.)

To all who are checking this website, and to those who tune in to our live stream, we love and appreciate you "one & all."

Philippians 1:3 (KJV) I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.


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