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Good Morning Pioneer Baptist!

I graduated from Edward Little High School, of Auburn, Maine. Great school, great city, and great sports programs. Among other things, I was on the varsity hockey team. The Androscoggin River separated what we called the “Twin Cities,” with the city of Lewiston on the other side of the river, and quite naturally, we were mortal adversaries when it came to sports competition. My childhood (and remaining life-long) great friend, Norm “Coach” Gagne now coaches E.L. hockey, but that has been only the last three years. It was probably in the late 80s when I was able to attend an EL-LHS hockey game at what is now the Colissee, and I can’t remember who was coaching E.L., but Paul Nadeau (sadly now passed) was coaching Lewiston. Paul was a great athlete and coach, achieving success in all. He is a member of both the Lewiston-Auburn Sports Hall of Fame, and the University of Maine at Farmington Hall of Fame, just for the record. I played hockey against him in high school, basketball against him in college, and softball against him in the local leagues. He was a very nice and very talented guy.

Well, during the game, one of our E.L. fans was a few yards behind the Lewiston bench, and he was loudly and boisterously yelling at Paul: “Hey Nadeau, you got no class!” This was done continuously with no letting up. The man was at least in his late 40s, and the contrast of Paul calmly coaching his team, and an irrational, out-of-control adult acting in ways that even a child should not act, was not only embarrassing to me as an E.L. fan, but also disgraceful in general. He should have been thrown out.

Now, American politicians, who ought to know better, are acting like that fan. Tearing up her notes to the State of the Union speech to make a point is disgraceful and ought to embarrass any of her “fans.” Flaunting close association in San Francisco’s Chinatown in late February so, according to her own words, she could "end the discrimination" against Asian Americans after the outbreak of the coronavirus, was equally childlike, not to mention foolish. And then, fast forward, forgetting the actual record of events, our President is yelled at from behind the bench, saying in effect that he has no class, and that he has bungled the effort against the virus. Wonder how it would go over now if the Speaker revisited Chinatown or any town, without mask or gloves, hugging everyone to show how much smarter she is than Trump.

I’m a Baptist, and a Bible believer. God has recorded His word in a Book! Anyone can look it up (as Yogi Berra used to say) and the record cannot be changed or manipulated. I love that! So much of what we see and hear today is like yelling from the stands aimed at the Man trying to coach from the bench. It makes me sick! Had I been in charge of the arena, I would have called security. Cheer for your team, but stop the childishness! God puts up with a lot of yelling Himself, and he doesn’t seem to react, but He has ears and He can hear. Believe the Book! Don’t try to change the Book or blame the Author for your foolishness! Be accountable, and don’t embarrass yourself. One of these days, the LORD is coming back, and he is the “Security.”

I hope that both Paul and the perpetrator are in Heaven today. There’s no reason to not be there when we leave here. And speaking of the political realm, consider this from Isaiah 33:22 “For the LORD is our judge, the LORD is our lawgiver, the LORD is our king; he will save us.” We have three branches of government in the U.S.A., executive, legislative, and judicial, giving us a separation of powers. Notice that the LORD Jesus Christ is all three of these. He is the King, He is the Congress, and He is the Supreme Court! Better get on His team, better support His efforts, and better cease your yelling at Him.

And I wouldn’t be tearing up His notes if I were you.

Love and Prayers to you all,


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