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Good Morning Pioneer Baptist!

Censorship is alive and well in the United States of America!

“Community Standards,” “Hate Speech,” and “Medical Misinformation seem to be the watch phrases that now justify censorship on some of our social platforms in America. We might think this is a new phenomenon , because YouTube just recently took down a video posted by doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi. The doctors stated that, based on their testing, as being practiced, our quarantine measures are not medically sound.

Some of my information on this comes from Scripps Media, Inc. and is copywritten, so I will paraphrase. But first, let me tell you that even finding this information took me a little while. I don’t think news outlets even want to talk about what they don’t want to talk about.

Veronica Morley Posted at 8:34 PM, Apr 27, 2020 (BAKERSFIELD, Calif.) that a video press briefing with Accelerated Urgent Care doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi was taken down from YouTube by the media company Monday. Ms. Morley further stated that reports indicate YouTube did so because the video violated “community standards.” (I didn’t know we still had any.) I’ll just risk quoting a few words from the article “23ABC News verified on our YouTube page that the first part of the press briefing is no longer available. We have submitted an appeal to YouTube, but have not heard back yet.” Apparently people were very interested, as the video went viral, reaching over 5.46 million views, sparking debate about shelter-in-place.

Since the doctors said what they said, they’ve been called virtually everything but Baptists! Experts have come out of the woodwork from near and far, and if you thought the Kung Flu was contagious, you haven’t paid attention to how fast the virulent virus of political correctness can spread.

I’m not a doctor (the only medicine this doctor prescribes is the Gos-Pill, and it is 100% effective when taken as directed by God in His infallible Word! It's even better than hydroxychloroquine.) My medical expertise is not the point! The point is censorship, as in “What points of view are we not allowed to hear in the United States of America?” This is not supposed to be North Korea or Red China! And these two doctors aren’t the only ones who have suffered censorship, as others have been censored as well (or unwell). Sometimes it comes under the category of “medical misinformation.” The Heritage Foundation had one of their videos removed because in it Dr. Michelle Cretella, a pediatrician, says, "See, if you want to cut off a leg or an arm you’re mentally ill, but if you want to cut off healthy breasts or a penis, you’re transgender." Controversial, the Heritage Foundation admits, but they maintain that the topic of body alteration is worth having a civil debate around. The cutting edge here is transgender surgeries, and according to “community standards” (who sets those anyway?) anyone espousing contrary positions are “inquisitionally guilty” of “community standards heresy.” And not only are the guilty ones wrong and immoral, but they can’t be allowed to speak, and you’re not smart enough to be able to process their opinions without injuring yourselves!

What were out Founders thinking when they included the Bill of Rights in our Constitution? And what does the word “Rights” even mean? Does it mean we have a right to freedom of speech? And if someone has the right to speak, don’t I have the right to listen? And "No,"

I don’t believe anyone in America has the right to espouse violent revolution or any kind of a holocaust, but some of this political correctness has gone way beyond!

I preach a Hell that’s hot, a life that’s short, and an eternity that’s long, calling lost sinners to come to the one and only solution to the problem, that being the LORD Jesus Christ. I preach that the only Bible in the English language that is infallible is the King James Bible. I’m pretty sure that’s not according to community standards, but I do have a right to preach the Gospel in the United States of America. Not everywhere, that’s for sure, but just as sure right here in America I do!

Let the people decide in our public forums. After all, we’re not globalists, WE’RE AMERICANS!

Love and Prayers to you all,


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