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Good Morning Pioneer Baptist!

The House passed the Stimulus package this morning, so everyone should be able to purchase a new Easter Bonnet in plenty of time (smile). And on a serious note regarding the bill, we pray that those struggling financially will find this to be a help to them in their time of need.

Equally serious, while we are so focused on the pandemic, we must never forget that some individuals are facing personal crises that go beyond the coronavirus for them. They need our prayers, and they deserve our prayers. In our own congregation, Paul Arellanez is undergoing cancer treatment, Ruth’s sister Mary continues with her physical battles, as does Mrs. Pacino. Pastor Smith, my wife and our first lady Karla, and several others have ongoing needs. Brother Mike Galaway is now planning for eight weeks of daily-5-day-week radiation treatments. Al Renteria called me yesterday, and he too is struggling physically. Imee’s brother Mark, who is in London, may have the virus and is currently under self-quarantine. Then, reaching out across the continent and the world, our friend Joe Shaw is doing well recovering from his recent heart surgery, and the family of Ordie Alley now grieves the loss of a husband, dad, and dear friend.

This is not a complete list, of course. Let’s continually pray for one another and for the lost who need what we, by the grace of God, have – eternal life through the LORD Jesus Christ.

Pray without ceasing! (1 Thes 5:17) The night cometh when no man can work. (John 9:4)

Love and prayers to all!

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